CW celebrates World Whistleblower Day

June 23rd is World Whistleblower Day, the occasion for CW to celebrate all whistleblowers who alerted the public of wrongdoings worsening the climate crisis – and encourage others to speak up.

(Paris, June 23rd, 2023) – Climate Whistleblowers (CW), an NGO dedicated to protecting individuals who expose climate-related wrongdoings, celebrates World Whistleblower Day by shedding the light on those who blew the whistle on climate abuses.

Whistleblowers are crucial for the climate movement. They bring precise and substantial evidence and poignant testimonies on attacks on the environment. They can deliver impact,  spark public debate, fuel legal cases, and inspire others to act. 

Some whistleblowers have put their professions and well-being at risk to expose environmental wrongdoings. For example, Amadou Traoré in Mali uncovered illegal rosewood exportation and massive deforestation by the company he worked for as an interpreter. His revelations led to the temporary suspension of all rosewood export activities, which was later lifted in 2021 by the Malian government. However, Amadou’s actions also put him in danger, and he had to flee his country to avoid reprisals from the network behind the trafficking.

“The next few years will quite likely see a surge in climate whistleblowing”, Gabriel Bourdon-Fattal and Henri Thulliez, CW’s co-founders, said. “If these whistleblowers are protected and impactful, it will encourage more to step forward and fuel the fight against climate change.”

In the UK, Caroline Dennett, formerly Shell’s consultant on safety measures, quit in 2022 because of Shell’s complete disregard for the climate. More than a year later, she still advocates for the big oil company to acknowledge its wrongdoings. She also calls for others to step on the right side of history and expose what they witness.

“The fossil fuel industry, it’s the past, and if you can find a way out, then please walk away while there’s still time. Do it now”, Caroline Dennett says.

Many other climate whistleblowers have stepped forward throughout the world. In the United States, several government officials bravely denounced coercion from Trump’s administration to alter efforts to report or combat climate change. In Australia, Justin Williams blew the whistle on corporate falsification of coal quality certificates, leading to internal and external investigations.

CW was founded by a diverse group of activists, journalists, lawyers, and professionals with expertise in climate and whistleblower protection. It provides media assistance, legal defense, and psychological aid. CW protects climate whistleblowers, highlights the public value of disclosures, and creates networks of supporters for whistleblowers on climate-related issues. 

By changing the narrative and creating a safe space for people to speak up, CW can help create a movement of unveiling wrongdoings that exacerbate the climate crisis.

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