Uncomfortable about greenwashing at your agency?

More than ever, advertisers, marketers, designers and PR professionals are feeling a tension between their personal beliefs and the work they’re being asked to do.

They have stories to share about agencies and their relationships with the fossil fuel industry and other polluting sectors.

You might be one of them.

Whistleblowers are crucial to tackling the climate crisis, as they fuel the climate movement with precious evidence and promote accountability in regards to climate wrongdoings. In many countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, whistleblowers are entitled to legal protection by law under certain conditions.

Companies are increasingly held accountable for their communication: the Advertising Standards Authority (UK’s regulator of Advertising) recently banned ads from Shell, Repsol and Petronas for greenwashing.

Simultaneously, employees are more and more vocal about their discontent regarding their employer’s lack of environmental action. Many have already taken a stand and participated to change the status quo.

Have you…

  • Worked at an agency with oil and gas clients
  • Worked on an oil and gas (or other high carbon) account at an agency
  • Noticed bad practice around climate-related communications whilst working at an agency
  • Been employed at an oil and gas (or other high carbon) company in a communications-related department
  • Know friends or colleagues who have experienced any of the above
  • Have another kind of connection that you feel is relevant?

If you’re interested in contributing your experience to the project, you can choose from several contact options here to arrange an informal chat, which will be treated with the strictest confidence:

CW is an NGO dedicated to protecting individuals who expose wrongdoings that worsen the climate crisis and ensuring their disclosures are impactful.

Speaking to us does not commit you to anything. If you have legal or security concerns, CW can conduct a risk assessment to verify what the best way for you to share your experience or information would be without compromising your security.

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