About us

Through their work as lawyers, journalists, and activists, experienced whistleblowers’ advocates behind CW have learned to protect them and ensure their disclosures are impactful. It empowers climate whistleblowers through its legal, scientific, and human network. CW looks to improve their security and future wellbeing and adaptation to life after the whistleblowing. When they decide to blow the whistle publicly, CW will help them build their narrative and establish a positive presence as figures of climate whistleblowing.

CW offers potential whistleblowers secure communication channels, supports them pre-and post-disclosure, investigates their information and tactically litigates wrongdoers where governments fail to act. CW’s role demands judicial, investigative, and security intervention to facilitate not just the protection of whistleblowers but a greater impact for their revelations and the reinforcement of civil society, media, NGOs and authorities.