Blow the whistle

The easiest way to securely communicate with us by email is to do so by using an email address from Protonmail. Protonmail offers free accounts and allows users to create such accounts anonymously. We use Protonmail as its email provider and thus any email you send us from a Protonmail address will be end-to-end encrypted by default.

To be better protected, you can also use a VPN.

You can contact us through

You can also contact CW through secured messaging applications Signal (download here), WhatsApp (download here) or Telegram (download here), on the following number:

+33 7 52 02 46 97

All messages sent through these applications are encrypted on your phone before being sent, and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

As a (potential) whistleblower, you should consider obtaining legal advice or assistance, whoever you are, if you are considering reporting to authorities or releasing to the public inside information on criminal, scandalous or unsafe activities – particularly if the information you have is confidential, classified, or an official or military secret.

You may also need legal assistance or defense if you already have been privately or publicly identified as a whistleblower. Sharing sensitive information may violate sovereign or corporate laws or expose you to danger if not done with legal advice and a highly secure technology system.

Reporting or disclosing inside information, particularly if it is of a sensitive nature, can pose many risks to your job, profession, financial security, reputation and even your personal safety and the one of your family. Climate Whistleblowers can help you assess and weigh these and other risks before you make a decision that could have serious unforeseen consequences.

Acting in haste, many employees and citizens have reported crimes or acts of corruption without first seeking professional advice. Climate Whistleblowers are here to accompany you while and during your disclosures.

This is a decision only you can make. Climate Whistleblowers can help you decide by giving you advice, assessing the risks and evaluating the impact your disclosure can have. Climate Whistleblowers can explain how to protect whistleblowers and climate change activists so that they remain anonymous.

You can safely blow the whistle with Climate Whistleblowers – contact us using the instructions above.